What it costs to own a Thoroughbred

How much you spend is completely up to you. You can spend as little as $5 a day to have a racehorse ownership experience!

"I'm just a teacher with two kids - it's the cost of a lotto ticket... but far more exciting!"
- Danielle Pratt (Owner)

1) In WA, an average training fee is between $70-90 a day depending on the class and location of the trainer. If you own 5% of a horse in a stable that charges $70 per day, you would expect to pay $3.50 per day – the cost of a small coffee.
2) Farrier fees can range between $120-150 per horse. This involves a trim and new shoes to keep the hooves protected and sound.
3) Vet fees will depend on the health requirements of your horse and can differ per month. Your trainer will explain to you what is required or recommended.

How much does Thoroughbred ownership cost?

Use our ownership calculator to estimate your expenses.

Please note that these costs are estimates only. While the estimate includes all the typical costs outlined underneath the calculator, it excludes major nominations and additional veterinary treatments required. The cost estimate generated is indicative only and due consideration should be given to your specific circumstances.

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