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Paige Kenney

  • Thoroughbred TRAINER
  • Hopeland
  • 10+ years

Paige Kenney, of Paige Kenney Racing, offers over 10 years experience as a thoroughbred trainer. Before this, Paige held a harness racing license and has a strong background in equestrian eventing.

Paige offers training of all ages with facilities to cater for young horses being close to Lark Hill training facility, through to older horses needing a change to a more rural environment.

Offering a reticulated sand track and a straight uphill gallop track at her property in Hopeland, Paige mentions these facilities are much better for fitness and less pressure on legs.

Paige Kenney Racing is a smaller stable with very experienced track work riders, and pride themselves on giving each horse the personalised care they need.

Email updates are provided to owners regularly, and they are also are welcome to visit their horses or call the trainer direct.

Be sure to follow along the Paige Kenney Racing website and social media for more information, or fill out the contact form to get in touch.