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Vaughn Sigley

  • Thoroughbred TRAINER
  • Hopeland
  • 30+ years

Vaughn Sigley operates on a 130 acre property in Hopelands for training, yearling, and breaking services.

Training and facilities include a 1800m sand track and regular trips to the beach and Lark Hill training track.

Sigley Racing also operates as a boutique Stud where Due Sasso is currently standing as a stallion. Vaughn constantly upgrades breeding stock and rotates broodmares.

From an early age Sigley horses are handled and assessed as to their individual development needs. They use the very best veterinarians with high levels of experience in their fields.

Vaughn focuses on smaller numbers, but higher quality, in  racing stock to ensure that they all receive the best care to their individual needs.

Owners receive regular SMS messages, emails, and posts on the Sigley Racing Facebook page to provide updates on what is happening with their horses. Owners are always welcome to visit.

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