Choosing a trainer

An important cog in the wheel of a Greyhound’s racing career, and your ownership experience. These people are tasked with ensuring your Greyhound has the best chance to succeed.

“I consider myself so lucky to be able to work with my best friends every day. I wouldn’t swap my job for anything.”
- Jackie Wilson (Trainer)
Time for a trainer
WA has more than 200 registered Greyhound trainers located across the state. These range from small hobby trainers (1-10 Greyhounds) to mid-range trainers (10-30 Greyhounds) and larger operations (30+ Greyhounds). Depending on your location, lifestyle, budget or syndicate, choosing a trainer is an important step to ensure your Greyhound is given every possible chance to exceed on the track.

Find a trainer

Finding the right trainer that suits you is vital. These organisations are able to help you on your journey to finding the right Greyhound and trainer for you.